The Backwoodsman Magazine
is turning 43 years old!

The upcoming January/February 2023 issue will be our 43 year anniversary.  We would like to thank everyone of our readers out there for helping us reach this milestone. Vol. 1 No. 1 Fall 1979This is a scanned-in cover of our very first issue, which was more like a...

In the September/October 2022 Issue

Making Bird into Solid Slugs, Footnotes from the Backwoods, The Trapper's Tilt, The Pawpaw Foraging Ancient Fruit, and A Muzzleloading Hunting Story

The May/June 2022 Issue

Pick up a copy of our brand new issue of BACKWOODSMAN MAGAZINE, packed with info you need to know. We're THE magazine for the 21st-century frontiersman (and woman)! Our May/June issue includes great articles about Gardening By The Phases Of The Moon, How To Make A...

Recent Articles from our Jan/Feb 2023 issue


The Simple Alcohol Stove

by Bob Van Puten

Edible Black Locust

by Creek Stewart

with The French MAS 36

by Paul “Many Rifles” Laster


Raptor Hunting… The Art of Being A Falconer

by Eric Harrold

Featured in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue

I vividly remember my first red-tailed hawk crashing down through the tree branches towards a rabbit I had just flushed as it desperately tried to reach a brush pile just uphill from its daybed. It happened so quickly that I hardly had time to react. All I could do was dart up the hill, for I needed to dispatch the rabbit and ensure that it didn’t somehow manage to jerk loose and get away. Such an escape would perhaps discourage the young hawk, whereas a long feeding on its first kill would really motivate it and provide confidence for future pursuits. Thankfully, I was able to secure the rabbit and let the hawk feed. My excitement was almost uncontainable. I was only 15 years old and an apprentice falconer with more enthusiasm than mastery of this ancient form of hunting. In the coming few years, I would learn a lot of hard lessons about weight management, housing a bird, and making wise decisions that would allow me to enjoy more successful hunting seasons down the road.

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