Backwoodsman Magazine Writer’s Guidelines

The following are our writer’s guidelines: We’re not difficult to write for. In fact, we encourage you to write articles and how-to materials for this publication. Here are some rules to follow:


Survival, Campcraft, Primitive Living Skills, History, DIY, Self-Reliance, Muzzleloaders, Hunting, Knives, Woodslore, Old Ways of Living, Camping, Fishing, Homesteading, Guns, Early Cartridge Guns, Craft Items From Yesteryear, Gardening, Leather Crafting Projects, Homesteading, Sustainable Living, Shelter & Small House Construction, Mountain Men & Long Hunters, Native American History & Native American Bow and Arrow Construction, Slingshots, The Making of Primitive Weapons Of All types, Hermits Of Today & Yesteryear, Homesteading, Knives, Bushcraft, etc.


Due to forced graphic design changes that we had to make, we can only accept electronic submissions. The length of written material is left up to the author, but we do not publish novels, so the length has to be within a reasonable limit. Well written material that covers a subject in depth is always favored, but there is also a point when an article or manuscript can become too lengthy for our format.

We typically will not consider articles or stories that are a series. For example, if you submit an article that is 9-12 pages of single-spaced type, we will regard this as at least a two-part article.  If possible, try to condense your material into a one-part article.  Remember, we are limited with our 88-page format.  Please make sure that your articles are typed in a program such as word perfect, google documents, etc.

Articles that are clear, concise and not just jumbled or thrown together will get into our format quicker.  If I need to send back an article more than once to get things in order, it is only natural that the back and forth will get tiring. There is only so much time in the day.  We are easy to write for but please don’t send articles that are disorganized.  We’re not mind readers…yet!

If you are looking for article subjects, please take a look at our current issue’s reader requests that are always located on the first page of the Letters & Tips section.  Please query me before starting an article, so we don’t receive duplicates.

Please note that Charlie reserves the right to make editorial changes to any submission he chooses to print. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the title of an article.


It’s very important that any material submitted have accompanying photos or images and it’s a huge determining factor whether an article is actually published.  Also, try to make sure that all images are clear & sharp photos that are high-resolution and at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch).  Please do not embed the photos in the articles and send them separate from the article text using the JPEG. format.  If the image files are very large, try using a safe & free file sharing service called We Transfer, or you could use a subscription-based file sharing service like dropbox or box account.


Email articles & photos to:

For 43 years, we have used a barter system with our writers. We are willing to trade a 1/8 color display ad in our magazine (value $350) for each article submitted and published.  The only exception would be an advertisement in which we feel doesn’t fit our format or is questionable in content.  Also, a larger size could be negotiated based on the length of the article, but the 1/8 size is the standard.  Several of our regular writers who have something to sell have chosen the display advertising route.  

In the event that you don’t have anything to promote or sell, we are willing to trade a one-year subscription (print & digital) for any article accepted.  We really want writers who care about contributing to a special niche publication.  If you gain satisfaction from submitting subject material of importance to our BWM family of readers, then you have the make-up to be one of our contributors.  We also can provide a healthy by-line for the writer at the end of the article. 

We do not deal in personal vendettas, the bad mouthing of products, revenge, racially motivated material, and other questionable topics.  Our whole premise is yesteryear and the way it happened. This is not to say you can’t speak your mind, just try to be tasteful.  We are non-political & bi-partisan.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to your contributions to the Backwoodsman Magazine!