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About Us

At Charlie's Tackle Company, our fishing lures have been
refined over time from prototypes that we developed. Our
seventeen years of fishing and guiding experience has
taught us that it's not always the biggest or fanciest lure
that does the trick. Simply put, fish are attracted to lures
that resemble what the fish eat on a daily basis. Based
on this fact, we developed our own lures to present a very
attractive target. In time, anglers began asking for our home
crafted lures. Now these are available, but you won't find
them in any stores. Order NOW by phone (361-790-7916)
OR use our Mail In Form and mail us your order and if you
love catching fish as much as we do, you will certainly
enjoy the action of our lures.

- Charlie Sr.

Big Whiting caught in surf on Little Killers
Port Aransas, Nov 2013

           Charlie Richie

Lynne Richie

Our Lures

Charlie's Cheater Spoon

  • A 1/2 oz to 1-3/4" polished copper or silver classic
    tear drop spoon. The reason it is called Cheater is
    because it can be cast long distances straight into the
    wind. It's ideal on windy days or on schooling fish that
    are boat shy. A superior spoon for bass, seatrout,
    redfish, snook, pike and all predator fish that require
    a long cast.

    Available colors: silver or copper.
    $3.25 each

  • Charlie's Double Rig

  • Two 1/8 oz jigs with hand poured natural color
    shrimp tails, tied on a 25 lb Test mono tandem rig.
    Extremely effective on saltwater and freshwater
    schooling fish of all types. Not the prettiest - just
    the deadliest. Charlie's tip.. fish this rig at night from
    lighted piers with a slow-erratic retrieve.

    $3.50 each
  • Charlie's Little Killer Spoon

  • A 1-3/8"-1/5 oz spoon that's rated in surveys as the
    best small spoon for saltwater & freshwater game fish.
    90% of what predator fish eat is this size. Charlie's Killer
    is a heavy little spoon with a compact wiggle that appeals
    to all types of fish. No better spoon on the market.

    Specify choice: nickel or polished brass
    $3.25 each
  • Charlie's Weedless Spoon

  • A 1/4 oz 2" weedless spoon. The ultimate weedless
    spoon, catches all game fish that feed in heavy cover,
    grass, lily pads and moss. Deadly in fresh or saltwater for
    numerous species of shallow water fish. Nothing better
    for bass, redfish, pike or saltwater sea trout. Comes in silver or gold plate.

    Specify choice: silver or gold plate
    $3.75 each
  • Charlie's Tackle Company Patch

  • For a limited time we are offering 3" patches that
    have our logo on a light blue background. A very
    different and distinctive patch.

    $5.00 each
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